Another successful hydraulic engineering standard test by DIK Prüfgesellschaft mbH

The test report issued by DIK-Prüfgesellschaft mBH on 4 December 2023 once again confirmed that our products made of high-quality hydraulic construction mix meet or exceed the requirements of the DIN 19704-2 standard “Hydraulic steel structures – Part 2: Structural design and manufacture”.

The following tests were carried out in accordance with DIN 19704-2:2014-11, Table 7:

  • Density according to DIN EN ISO 1183-1:2019-09
  • Abrasion resistance according to DIN ISO 4649:2021-06
  • Shore hardness A according to DIN ISO 48-4:2021-02
  • Tensile test according to DIN 53504:2017-03
  • Tear propagation resistance according to DIN ISO 34-1:2016-09
  • Artificial ageing according to DIN 53508:2000-03
  • Cold behaviour
  • Compression set according to DIN ISO 815-1:2022-04
  • Tensile set according to DIN ISO 2285: 2013-1
  • Resistance to ozone cracking according to DIN ISO 1431-1:2017-04

DIK Prüfgesellschaft mbH was founded in September 2017 with effect from 1 January 2017. The task of the newly founded GmbH is to carry out tests and industrial contract research in the fields of polymer materials and plastics and rubber technology.

Here you can find the results of the tests with the required tolerance limits as a PDF.