Compression moulding

ManufacturerSize of the
vulcanisation surface
in mm
Clamping force in kN
Berstorff600 x 6003041
Dieffenbacher500 x 5001924
Becker van Hüllen400 x 400981
Becker van Hüllen300 x 3001608
Becker van Hüllen340 x 3401608
Becker van Hüllen900 x 7003041
Dieffenbacher800 x 8003041
Siempelkamp600 x 6003041
Becker van Hüllen2000 x 12001414


ManufacturerDiameter x useful length (mm)Heating
Scholz1.500 x 1.800Dry heated
Scholz1.750 x 4.000Steam heated

Rolling mill

ManufacturerDiameter x width (mm)
Buzuluk315 x 630

Grinding shop