Agricultural technology and construction machinery

Agricultural technology and construction machinery

AL-Gummi Branchenlösungen Agrartechnik- und Baumaschinen - Bauer auf Traktor mit Pflug bei Sonnenaufgang auf dem Feld

Agricultural machinery technology has become an indispensable part of today’s agriculture. Whether stationary or mobile machines – without the help of modern technology and digital assistance systems, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the farmer to generate the economically necessary yield and to comply with ever new regulations.

The use of reliable, valve-controlled transport systems is an elementary part of this. Since the machines in agricultural technology are exposed to heavy loads, the durable quality of all components is also a must.

With comprehensive digital solutions – called precision farming – this is achieved, for example, in the area of fertilising and sowing machines. By means of satellite-guided mapping systems and precise control of the valves installed, the optimum amount of fertiliser and seed is calculated and applied for each point of the field. This prevents overfertilisation of the soil and the resulting stress on the end product.

Another area of application is storage and metering systems in agriculture. In the filling and emptying of silo systems or quantity regulation in stationary storage and metering systems, e.g. for fertilisers or in filling systems for sacks, big packs or tonnes. AL Gummi supplies the right components for these applications.

Depending on the area of application and regulations, AL Gummi’s components are made of food-grade materials.

AL Gummi solutions are used in the following products, for example:

  • Pneumatic shut-off bladders
  • Inflation sleeves in silo filling
  • Cuffs for pinch valves
  • Sweeper hoses
  • Hose sections
  • Rubber nozzles for drag shoes and liquid manure distributors
  • Moulded rubber parts
  • Rubber buffers and hollow springs