Architecture and construction industry

Architecture and construction industry

The boom in the construction industry has not passed us by unnoticed. Accordingly, we optimise and develop materials that meet the requirements of the market in terms of fire protection, sustainability, thermal insulation, durability or design.

Façade seals, window seals, gap covers, joint seals or expansion joints are just as much an essential part of our product portfolio as pressed moulded parts / rubber-metal composites for road and bridge construction. We enable you to produce large-volume moulded parts up to 2,000 x 1,000 mm in shape with or without fabric inserts.

Products from AL Gummi ensure that moving components on the building can be securely closed and sealed.

As a rule, these are very individual solutions in small quantities. This is exactly what we are the right partner for. Step by step, we turn your challenges into high-quality products. Our technicians advise you and work with you to find efficient solutions that are optimally matched to the respective application

Solutions from AL Gummi are used, for example, in the following products:

  • Inflatable seals for doors and gates, sliding doors, safety locks in hospitals or also individual solutions in flood and building protection
  • Inflatable seals for window and facade systems
  • Bridge collars and bridge bearings
  • Rope collars in bridge construction
  • Rubber-metal connections
  • Bridge expansion joint profiles
  • Sluice and weir sealing profiles
  • Sealing rings
  • Rubber sheet material