Dosing, bulk solids and recycling industry

Dosing, bulk solids and recycling industry

AL-Gummi Branchenlösungen Dosier-, Schüttgut- und Recyclingindustrie - Körner eines Rohstoffes in Händen

Whether pasta, fertiliser, animal feed or plastic granulate – all these substances have to be weighed or dosed in a filling process after production.
In addition, excessive dust emission must be avoided during the filling processes. Often, “unclean” product-carrying connections of weighing systems lead to the formation of frictional connections that influence the scales and falsify the weighing result. Bridging in the systems must be prevented.

Many conventional components are far too stiff or even leaky; there is no question of compensating for vibrations or external forces.

The technicians at AL Gummi are experts in the development and manufacture of a wide variety of system components made of rubber or silicone for weighing and dosing technology. According to the requirements of your processes, we advise you on the selection of suitable components.

We are also your competent partner for processes from the comminution technology or recycling industry.

Solutions from AL Gummi are used, for example, in the following products:

  • Weighing collars made of silicone
  • Weighing bellows made of FDA-compliant elastomers and silicone
  • Expansion joints
  • Vein compensators, compressible compensators
  • Bellows
  • Conductive sleeves for weighing technology
  • Inflatable hoses
  • Inflatable sleeves for big bag filling systems
  • Fabric-reinforced seals made of EPDM
  • Inflatable seals for drum emptying