Industrial furnaces and vacuum technology

Industrial furnaces and vacuum technology

AL-Gummi Branchenlösungen Industrieöfen und Vakuumtechnik - Autoklav

We supply components and seals that withstand the high stresses of industrial and vacuum furnaces, metallurgical applications and heat treatment.
Often these components are exposed to particularly high temperatures, vacuum, solvents or flammable mixtures.

All our gaskets are therefore butt-jointed and not glued. Chemical cross-linking takes place at the joint of the gaskets by means of hot vulcanisation. This special process makes the joint more resistant than glued gaskets, where the glued joint is often the weak point of the gasket.

If required, we can produce complete seals for you as moulded articles. With these seals, we achieve a particularly high level of precision within narrow tolerances.

Solutions from AL Gummi are used, for example, in the following products:

  • Inflatable seals for vacuum furnaces and heat treatment
  • Elastomer seals for furnace doors, container lids and autoclaves
  • Lip seals
  • Trapezoidal seals
  • Seals for thermoprocessing equipment
  • Fabric-reinforced EPDM gaskets