Navigation and hydraulic steelwork

Navigation and hydraulic steelwork

AL-Gummi Industry Solutions Shipping and Hydraulic Steelwork

AL Gummi und Kunststofftechnik GmbH has established itself in recent years as a specialist company for hydraulic steel engineering. One of AL Gummi’s strengths lies particularly in products with difficult and large-volume geometries with tight tolerances.

We manufacture application-related profiles for use as sealing elements in hydraulic engineering, weir and lock construction, as well as in harbour and canal construction. Numerous projects over the last few years prove our expertise.
We manufacture standard, special and custom profiles, both with and without fabric inlay, such as note profiles, trapezoidal profiles or U-profiles.

We use high-quality elastomeric materials (EPDM, NR/SBR and CR) for this purpose, in compliance with the steel hydraulic engineering standard DIN EN 19704-2.

In particular, users in the field of hydraulic steel engineering appreciate not only the flexibility of our high-quality sealing systems, but also our manufacturing and application know-how as well as the smooth organisation of projects.

AL Gummi solutions are used in the following products, for example:

  • Frame seals, U-frames made of note profile
  • Lock seals, seals for ship lifts, weir seal profiles
  • Rubber strips with fabric insert
  • Note, double note and angle profiles
  • Gap water seals without/ with steel cord inlays
  • Weir flap seals with/ without fabric inlay
  • Rotary joint seal