Pharmaceuticals and medical technology

Pharmaceuticals and medical technology

AL-Gummi Branchenlösungen Pharma und Medizintechnik - OP-Raum

No other industry demands such high standards as the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry. To achieve them, our products must also meet the highest standards of hygiene, quality and safety. Seals for medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, the so-called “life sciences”, must fulfil a wide variety of extremely demanding tasks, as they are used in critical components and processes.

Modern medicine values rubber as a medical-hygienic material that combines favourable technical properties such as durability, food safety or physiological harmlessness in an elastomeric material.

Rubber and silicone moulded parts from our production are therefore used in a variety of medical devices and are a guarantee for health and life.

Our products are used in hospitals on wards and in operating theatres. They are reliable, flexible and have a resistant surface, which is essential for hygienic cleaning.

AL Gummi solutions are used in the following products, for example:

  • Bellows for operating tables
  • Silicone moulded parts
  • Inflatable seals for sliding doors
  • Inflatable seals for glove boxes
  • Silicone moulded parts FDA conform
  • Silicone lid seals
  • Silicone pads for pad printing
  • Hollow chamber seals for containment systems FDA- and BfR-compliant
  • Cuffs FDA-compliant
  • Silicone bellows
  • Cleanroom and airlock seals
  • Membranes and bellows
  • Door seals in large and small dimensions
  • Seals for sterilisation equipment (autoclaves)