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AL-Gummi Branchenlösungen Verkehr und Logistik - Zug der Deutschen Bahn in Bewegung

Transport and logistics

AL Gummi is a competent partner wherever special requirements are placed on elastomer components. Well-known companies in the field of transport technology and system suppliers are among AL Gummi's customers. Reliable moulded parts made of rubber and silicone or in combination with metal and plastic from AL Gummi's production are used here.
AL-Gummi Industry Solutions Shipping and Hydraulic Steelwork

Navigation and hydraulic steelwork

AL Gummi und Kunststofftechnik GmbH has established itself in recent years as a specialist company for hydraulic steel engineering. One of AL Gummi's strengths lies particularly in products with difficult and large-volume geometries with tight tolerances.
AL-Gummi Branchenlösungen Anlagen- und Maschinenbau

Plant and mechanical engineering

Rubber and silicone components for all areas of production. Hardly any other industry requires such a wide-ranging portfolio of rubber technology products as mechanical and plant engineering.
AL-Gummi Branchenlösungen Chemie und Petrochemie - Industrieanlage bei Sonnenuntergang

Chemistry and petrochemistry

In chemical production, service life and plant availability are extremely important. Only the very best elastomer sealing solutions and hoses are good enough. AL Gummi advises your technicians and reliably supplies them with products of the required quality for their chemical processes with a wide range of chemicals.
AL-Gummi Branchenlösungen Dosier-, Schüttgut- und Recyclingindustrie - Körner eines Rohstoffes in Händen

Dosing, bulk solids and recycling industry

Whether pasta, fertiliser, animal feed or plastic granulate - all these substances have to be weighed or dosed in a filling process after production. In addition, excessive dust emission must be avoided during the filling processes. Often, "unclean" product-carrying connections of weighing systems lead to the formation of frictional connections that influence the scales and falsify the weighing result. The formation of bridges in the systems must be prevented.

Energy and environmental technology

Energy technology deals, among other things, with the generation, transformation and storage of energy. From its tradition, AL Gummi supplies many important components for mining and open-cast mining, power plant technology, the oil and gas industry and petroleum exploration.
AL-Gummi Branchenlösungen Getränke- und Lebensmittelindustrie - Fließband mit orangenen Flaschen

Beverage and food industry

Companies in the food and beverage industry bear the greatest responsibility with regard to hygiene requirements. Food comes into contact with various objects and materials during the different filling, processing and production processes.
AL-Gummi Branchenlösungen Glas-, Keramik- und Kunststoffindustrie - flüssiges Glas wird in Form gegossen

Glass, ceramics and plastics industry

Glass and ceramics production has accompanied us throughout human history. Today's technical ceramic products are high-performance products and are partly found in high-tech applications. Whether in dental crowns or as heat protection in space travel.
AL-Gummi Branchenlösungen Industrieöfen und Vakuumtechnik - Autoklav

Industrial furnaces and vacuum technology

We supply components and seals that withstand the high stresses of industrial and vacuum furnaces, metallurgical applications and heat treatment. Often these components are exposed to particularly high temperatures, vacuum, solvents or flammable mixtures.
AL-Gummi Branchenlösungen Rohrleitungsbau, Ventile und Pumpen

Pipeline construction, valves and pumps

AL Gummi und Kunststofftechnik GmbH, based in Dormagen, produces rubber hoses, pipes and parts for plant engineering. We use our decades of diverse experience and knowledge from the company's history and combine these with modern manufacturing and quality control processes.
AL-Gummi Branchenlösungen Pharma und Medizintechnik - OP-Raum

Pharmaceuticals and medical technology

No other industry demands such high standards as the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry. To achieve them, our products must also meet the highest standards of hygiene, quality and safety. Seals for medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, the so-called "life sciences", must fulfil a wide variety of extremely demanding tasks, as they are used in critical components and processes.
AL-Gummi Branchenlösungen Papier- und Zellstoffindustrie – gewellte Pappe

Pulp and paper industry

AL Gummi sealing solutions reduce downtime, increase performance, preserve resources and improve safety in many pulp and paper applications.
AL-Gummi Branchenlösungen Agrartechnik- und Baumaschinen - Bauer auf Traktor mit Pflug bei Sonnenaufgang auf dem Feld

Agricultural technology and construction machinery

Agricultural machinery technology has become an indispensable part of today's agriculture. Whether stationary or mobile machines - without the help of modern technology and digital assistance systems, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the farmer to generate the economically necessary yield and to comply with ever new regulations.

Architecture and construction industry

The boom in the construction industry has not passed us by unnoticed. Accordingly, we optimise and develop materials that meet the requirements of the market in terms of fire protection, sustainability, thermal insulation, durability or design.

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