Chewing gum

AL-Gummi Kaugummi

Chewing gum: Gum from petroleum

Modern chewing gums consist almost exclusively of synthetic raw materials. The “gum” part is usually made up of petroleum-based polymers. In plain language: we chew plastics. And they are not only questionable in terms of taste – they are above all ecologically and healthwise questionable.

Sugar is an essential component of chewing gum, accounting for 50 to 70 per cent. For the production of sugar-free chewing gum, the natural sweetener xylitol is used instead of sugar. Softeners, humectants, emulsifiers, colourants and fillers are also added to the gum mass.

Additives ensure that the mass remains elastic and supple when chewed. Tree resins such as rubber or other natural substances cannot meet the demand of the world market. Chewing gum is not biodegradable due to its plastic content.