Fluorine rubber (FKM/ FPM)

AL-Gummi Fluor-Kautschuk (FKM/ FPM)

Registered trade name: VITON® (DuPont)

FKM is known in practice under the trade name Viton. The DuPont company brought this onto the market in 1958.

Fluororubber is often not filled with carbon black, this is visible externally through coloured settings. FKM is flame retardant and has a resistance to high temperatures, ozone, oxygen and chemicals that surpasses all elastomers. Fluororubber is a class of rubber that is characterised by its excellent resistance to most chemicals, oils, greases and fuels, but also by its very good resistance to high temperatures up to above 200 °C. At the same time, fluororubbers have an outstanding resistance to high temperatures. At the same time, fluororubbers have good resistance to ageing and weathering.
The main areas of application are seals for the automotive and aerospace industries.

Property spectrum of FKM

Hardness 50 to 95 Shore A
Elongation at break 100 to 300
Maximum temperature +200° C
Minimum temperature 0 to -20°C
Electrical properties
Gas permeability slightly lower than IIR
Resistance to ageing and ozone excellent
Chemical resistance excellent

Applications of FKM

Wherever high temperatures prevail and excellent chemical resistance is required. Examples are O-ring seals and fuel hoses for motor vehicles, moulded parts, seals for oil production as well as for hydraulic systems, hoses, cable insulation.