Natural rubber (NR)

Natural rubber, a material produced by nature, has very high tensile strength, elasticity, low-temperature flexibility and excellent dynamic properties. Synthetic elastomers do not achieve this combination of outstanding functions. This is why NR is still indispensable for some applications today.
The main areas of application are tyres and engine mounts.

Property spectrum of NR

Hardness 20 to 90 Shore A and harder (hard rubber)
Elongation at break 100 to 800%, also over 1000
Maximum temperature +70° C
Minimum temperature -40°C
Electrical properties good insulating properties to electrically conductive (depending on formulation)
Gas permeability high (approx. 10 times higher than IIR)
Resistance to ageing and ozone only low without appropriate finishing with protective agents
Chemical resistance good to moderate, but not resistant to greases and mineral oils

Application areas of NR

Vehicle tyres, conveyor belts and belts,
Technical articles of all kinds, such as seals, membranes, hoses, etc.
Due to its high tear resistance, natural rubber is used in the agricultural sector, especially for belts and straps, but also in a wide variety of moulded parts and roller coatings. Furthermore, natural rubber is used in the field of rubber-metal spring elements or buffers. Other areas of application are consumer goods such as shoe soles, rubber boots, gloves, sponges, adhesives and elastic threads.