Product overview

The right product for your project

Inflatable seals

Inflatable seals are often used where the possibilities of static seals are exhausted. We offer solutions through the use of different profile geometries and targeted material selection. For example, inflatable seals are the right choice when a non-contact seal is advantageous in the closing or opening process.

Inflatable cuff

Inflatable bulk bag clamps

Inflatable sleeves and inflatable clamps are used wherever big bags, sacks or other containers have to be positioned and held at filling or discharge nozzles. They ensure proper filling and cleanliness in your filling systems. In addition, inflatable sleeves on dosing and filling systems enable low-dust filling and emptying and thus significantly reduce the stress at the workplace.

Technical rubber mouldings

Moulded rubber parts for specific applications, in different sizes and in excellent shape and quality - that's what the name AL Gummi stands for. We have been manufacturing and developing high-quality rubber parts for machines and systems in a wide range of sectors and industries for over 30 years.


Bellows are often specially designed, dimensioned and manufactured to meet our customers' requirements. Thanks to our know-how and specialised manufacturing processes, we are able to produce high-quality bellows that can withstand even complex requirements.

Sealing sleeves silicone

High-quality sleeves can be used in many ways in our everyday technical life. No matter for which media, we offer you the right solution with the right component for every application. And if there is not yet a component for your specific application, we will develop one for you.

Rubber compensators

Expansion joints are flexible components in pipelines and joints. They are resistant to high temperature loads, chemically resistant to the corresponding flow media and stable in the event of overpressure or underpressure.

Rubber sleeves and technical hose articles

Our hose articles and rubber sleeves are characterised by high pressure, temperature and media resistance. We manufacture simple rubber sleeves that connect pipes and moving machine parts, as well as individual rubber industrial hoses and rubber spiral hoses, according to your needs.

Rubber pipes

Rubber pipes are special components made of rubber for the construction of piping systems. Together with rubber pipe sections, rubber bends, rubber funnels and special components, they form a system with which complete pipe systems can be created.

Special seals Hydraulic steelwork

We supply note profiles, angle profiles or elaborate sealing solutions with fabric reinforcements. However, our speciality is custom-made elastomer sealing solutions that go beyond the production of simple profiles. If desired, also as moulded articles with particularly tight tolerances. Our references range from seals for canal bridges to seals for ship lifts.